Rover Pictures - Rod Blocksome / K0DAS and Bryan McCoy / KA0YSQ

September 1997 VHF QSO Party: K0DAS/R with Bill N0NLO

Located in the NE corner of EN30. Drove to the
site in heavy fog (100 ft. visability). As the fog started to burn
off (photo taken) we discovered we were 1/2 mile from where we
thought we were and the terrain continued to rise to the south
explaining why we were not working stations to the south.

A nice high location on the edge of a corn field in NW
corner of EN50. The yellow chair is the antenna erection aid.

Another shot in the NE corner of EN30 as the fog lifts.

Skyward shot of Iowa corn and antennas in EN50.

Bill, N0LNO concentrating on pulling in a weak one on 1296 MHz in EN50.

Interior shot of the van - ready for travel to the next grid.

7AM departure from the motel at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa after a hearty 4 hour sleep.
Bill, N0LNO in the photo.

January 1998 VHF SS Contest: K0DAS/R and KA0YSQ/R

K0DAS photographing the Rovers in the Frozen North, EN24,
in the January 1998 VHF SS Contest.

K0DAS and Rover interior taken about midnight in EN33 near Rochester, MN.

K0DAS and a bite of lunch at 3PM on Saturday at the
Radio Farm just before launch of the
expedition to the north.

K0DAS/R vehicle and antennas at the Radio Farm.

More K0DAS/R antenna array.

Close up of K0DAS/R antennas.

Close up of K0DAS/R antennas.

KA0YSQ/R (left) and K0DAS/R (right) nose-to-nose in
EN24 preparing to head south (and home) late in the
afternoon on Sunday.

Preparing to leave the motel at Rochester, Minnesota after
"cold soaking" both rovers overnight.

Left to Right: Bryan - KA0YSQ, Bill - N0LNO, and Joe - WB0YFL
as we prepare to leave Rochester, Minnesota on Sunday morning.

Rear Equipment Bay (formerly the trunk) on KA0YSQ/R (a Nissan Stanza).

Forward Equipment Bay (formerly the front passenger seat and foot area) of KA0YSQ/R.

Operators position and the Middle Equipment Bay of KA0YSQ/R.

Closeup of KA0YSQ/R aft antennas.
Nice Loops on (L to R) 903, 2304, and 1296.

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