Albemarle County Loop

The Northwest quadrant of Albemarle County is nicely tailored for a variety of loop routes. There were several cyclists out when I made my ride. Only after the ride did I find an old map from the Go Pal bike shop of Charlottesville. It is quite a bit better than the ADC and Delorme maps for this particular region. The adventurous might want to set off knowing only that the area is bounded to the South by route 250, the North by route 33, the East by route 29, and the West by the Blue Ridge Mountains (Shenandoah National Park).

I did this ride Saturday afternoon, 17 August 1996

0.0   0.0   Start   Barracks Road Shopping Center Charlottesville, VA
2.2   2.2   L from Georgetown Rd. onto Hydraulic Rd. (753)
3.2   1.0   L Earlysville Rd. at Rock Store
9.6   6.4   BL 663 Buck Mountain Rd. at Earlysville Store
            Buck Mountain Rd is 663, then 664, then 665 into Free Union
16.0  6.4   601 Free Union Rd. (head NW)
22.7  6.7   L 810 Boonesville Rd.
            810 is Blackwells Hollow Road for a while
28.3  5.6   L 810 now Browns Gap Turnpike
30.3  2.0   STR pass Frazier's Store
34.5  4.2   L 614/810 at White Hall (Store here) - Garth Road
39.8  5.3   BL TRO Garth (676 Owensville Rd. goes right)
40.9  1.1   STR (601 to Free Union goes Left)
43.6  2.7   STR Garth Road becomes 654 Barracks Road (Old Garth Rd. goes right)
45.6  2.0   STR (Georgetown Road goes off to the left)
47.1  1.5   Finish  Barracks Road Shopping Center Charlottesville, VA

I happened to go through Free Union. If I had stayed on 664 I'd have still gotten to Boonesville.